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Why do you need DivPlan
Divplan allows you to conveniently calculate and plan the financial flow from dividend and coupon payments
Just build an investment portfolio and study its income
Follow the built-in analytics and market news from Smart-Lab and Investing
Our advantages
Thousands of people use our app
Forecast of dividend payments for the year ahead

The dividend and coupon payment schedule is now always on your smartphone. The value of securities is updated every day, so you will always be aware of how much income your investments will bring in a year.
Dividend data updates every day

The project team monitors the market on a daily basis and always provides you with relevant data.
Wide range of stocks and bonds

More than 40,000 different stocks, ETFs and bonds traded on the Moex, Frankfurt, Nasdaq and LSE.
Built-in market news and signals

Find out the latest events in the securities market in the special section of the app - "News". Just add the company you are interested in to your portfolio and receive signals about it directly in the application.
Creating your own payment instruments

Stocks and bonds - sure. But not only them. You can create your own personal regular income - salary, income from renting an apartment, etc.
Continuous development

Our team improves the product every day, adding new tools and functions. It gets better and better!
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